Roku link enter code

Roku link enter code

How to create and activate an account on Roku - Roku link enter code

Follow these simple steps to create your Roku account

  1. Go to Roku signup website
  2. Register for a Roku account where you will be asked to enter your name, a valid email ID and a unique password
  3. After which, you must enter your preferences for account setup and payment info

After the account creation process, use the link code on your TV to activate the device right away. You will have to however, access the Roku link enter code page to authenticate the code that appeared on your TV

  1. Make sure that the Roku player and the TV are both turned on
  2. To a high-speed internet connection, the Roku device must be connected
  3. Wait till the device either downloads or updates the necessary software and firmware
  4. After which your TV screen will show an Roku link enter code
  5. Go to the activation link page on Roku website and then, complete this process altogether

If at all you have queries in the process visit page or call at our toll-free number @ +1-855-718-4111.

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